Buying a Business

Businesses are often likened to a ‘living thing’ – a description that holds true for both their dynamic nature and the number of considerations to keep them in good health. Failure at any one of a number of important points may cause the investment in the business to be lost.

Businesses are particularly fragile in the time before, during and immediately after changes in ownership. Stokes Lawyers can minimise this risk because we are:

  • Experienced, having assisted clients in business sale transactions across a wide range of industries, business sizes and commercial sensitivities.
  • Attentive. Direct contact and prompt action characterise our service.
  • Pragmatic, understanding that practical, commercial outcomes are the objective, rather than a comprehensive consideration of esoteric legal principles.
  • Specialists, recognised by their peers and the law society.

“In our experience, early advice can greatly assist to anticipate and overcome later obstacles or avoid unviable transactions altogether.”

Everyone’s situation is unique. Get in touch to find out what we can do for you.

“We provide the expertise. You stay in the driving seat.”