“Whether you have two stakeholders or twenty, our process means that shareholder, partnership and buy-sell agreements are completed and implemented following our efficient, no-nonsense method.”

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Stakeholder Agreements

Our experience enables us to define watertight documents which can protect the company against disputes and deadlocks between stakeholders, as well as the collateral damage from major life events.

  • Shareholder agreements.
  • Partnership agreements.
  • “Buy Sell” agreements.

We will also adapt the basic documents governing the business structure, such as company constitutions and trust deeds, to protect the expectations of the owners.

These documents provide clarity and certainty when various voluntary and involuntary events occur, including:

  • Death and disablement of the business owners.
  • How a business owner exits the business.
  • How meetings are held and decisions made.
  • What decisions about the business require majority or unanimous consent of involved business owners.
  • Dispute resolution provisions.

With experience and oversight, Stokes Lawyers can help to safeguard companies against almost any unforeseen future issues between owners and stakeholders, allowing the business to stay on track at all times.

“Clarity and certainty born from professionalism.”