structuring and asset protection

We are recognised for our ability to assist with personal and business structuring. We have worked with clients and their professional advisers to deliver practical and effective structuring and asset protection solutions over a wide range of circumstances and budgets.

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Asset protection

including shielding assets from claims against companies or individuals usually involves quarantining of risk, apart from structures that own significant assets unrelated to the potential risk, ultimately protecting these assets from litigation or other claims.

Tax planning

consider the possible tax consequences that may result in owning assets in a certain way, particularly in the event of future sales. As taxation may result in significant cost, structuring considerations will, together with other factors, help to inform decisions in a financially responsible and compliant way.

Industry specific

includes meeting the professional obligations of an industry, medical or professional society or to more readily meet contractual obligations imposed by third-parties on a business.


Ensuring that if something happens to you or someone else, that an asset benefits those you intended. Structuring may refer to considering these and other important business or personal issues.

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