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Our Method - We create conclusions. We come up with efficient solutions.

The method we use when working with our clients is different to many other firms. We deliberately take a different approach from the big, impersonal corporate law firms and interact with our clients much more closely. Listening and talking with clients enables us to develop a better understanding of needs and to implement innovative solutions that get to the core of the issue.

Our method of approach includes simple things, like getting back to our clients on the same business day. We utilise technology to help us be more thorough and more efficient.

However, what matters is the way we interact with clients and within our team. We enjoy the process of brainstorming projects, producing ideas and finding new solutions. By leveraging the experience of our more full team, we can find new angles on old problems and develop stronger strategies as a result.

Our Mission

To assist clients, to be one collaborative team and realise opportunities within our competitive community.

Our Principles

We live law as a profession first in a pragmatic business context. We remain legal idealists.

We take things personally. We take advantage of technology as an enabler and a medium for client contact and efficiency.
We provide practical advice informed by our legal knowledge. We eschew the legalistic hypothesis with qualified conclusions that cannot help our clients.

We get back to clients promptly and keep them updated. Our clients are busy too – we accept that clients call us because they want to help us do our job or to give us new business.

We adopt the best billing practices.
We help our clients; however, we ethically can.

We treat people with respect and human kindness. We help each other and those around us to be their best selves.
We provide value to our clients and actively seek clients who value what we provide.

Ultimately, this leads to a more robust and satisfying conclusion for our clients, and a gratifying sense of achievement for us.

Everyone's situation is unique. Get in touch to find out what we can do for you.