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Estate Planning, Administration and Disputes

Since the founding of Stokes Lawyers in 2012, when we exclusively provided estate planning services, we have built our firm and reputation around expert estate planning and succession services.

We understand the intricacies of succession law – not just to achieve your desired results, but to uncomplicate the process for our clients.  Our process reflects both our years of estate experience and the personal nature of an person’s legacy

Estate Planning

Stokes Lawyers carefully and methodically implement estate plans that achieve their personal and We help clients make the best estate plans that take good care of their assets, protect their families, and pass wealth most cost-effectively. With our promising expertise and experience, we can provide you with everything from simple estate plan up to high-net wealth individuals, blended families and business succession planning.

We assist clients with:

Wills, from basic ‘simple’ wills to complex will solutions incorporating Testamentary Trusts;

Special Disability Trusts established during the lifetime of the giftor or in their will;

Enduring Powers of Attorney for all Australian jurisdictions;

‘Black Sheep’ issues and active strategies to reduce or remove the risk of a claim against your estate;

Providing for vulnerable or addicted dependents; and

As experienced commercial and taxation lawyers, ensuring that control of your self-managed superannuation fund, family trusts and companies pass consistent with your wishes.

We are listed on the panel of preferred supplier for several national advisor groups and our lawyers have presented on estate planning for many professional and industry groups including The Tax Institute of Australia, the Queensland Law Society, major banks and dealer groups and the Queensland University of Technology.

Stokes Lawyers assists clients to achieve peace-of-mind knowing that their personal wishes and the distribution of the hard-earned assets are realized.

We provide simple to complex estate plans

We protect you during estate litigation

We protect your interests and assets

Key Contacts

James Stokes

Managing Director

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Estate Administration

We administer estates from the extremely simple to the complex and disputed.  Our approach is to find and guide the parties down the most direct path to discharging the executors’ responsibilities and finalising the distribution of the estate.

Stokes Lawyers will work with the family and executor to minimise unnecessary expenses, reduce the risk of a dispute or claim and to discharge their responsibilities as an executor.  Due to the number of estates that we assist with, we are able to offer fixed-pricing for nearly all administration tasks or matters.

Our simple factsheet can assist executors to understand their role.  We can assist if necessary or if advice, a probate or grant is required or a court application is required to administer the estate.

Estate Litigation

While we rarely need to defend an estate in which we prepared the estate documents, we act in all types of estate litigation in Queensland.

The most common form of dispute is a Family Provision Application in which one or more parties seek to adjust the terms of the will.  We both defend and assist claimants successfully in these matters.

We assist clients with all forms of estate litigation including:

  • contested applications for a grant of probate or administration of an estate
  • rectification of a will
  • statutory wills

Stokes Lawyers are known within the profession for a firm, yet common-sense approach to estate dispute resolution.  All enquiries are in confidence.

Everyone's situation is unique. Get in touch to find out what we can do for you.