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Advising Family Businesses

Running a family business, large or small, comes with its unique rewards and challenges.  Getting the right advice and having constructive professional relationships can be the difference between failure and success.

Our lawyers include one of Queensland’s few Law Society Accredited Specialists in Business Law and our team are experienced in solving problems for business owners.  We have pioneered successfully the cost-effective Law365 Annual Retainer model for micro to very large businesses and pride ourselves on the success of our diverse family business clients.

Family Business

In the entrepreneurial world, family businesses like yours are one of the very fast-growing companies that this economy is building; it is the foundation of indeed the success of the industry. Venturing into a family business might seem like an intimate sharing of ideas, creativity and business sense and ethics.

Successful businesses in the industry are family-owned and run by the whole clan of the family from the marketing, financing and a lot more. While it may seem an excellent advantage to run business having your family as partners, still you need to consider that things won’t always go as planned. Sometimes the more you splurge into the family business, the more it feels like it’s going to fail, and when conflict and problems arise. That’s when we’re going to help.

Our family business clients include micro-businesses, smaller domestic companies, international businesses and even startups across a variety of industry sectors. Our group of expert lawyers know the law, but they also get to know the family very intimately and how the members interact that’s how we become effective in resolving disputes, and discussion with the whole family; because we treat them as our own.

We understand your business, your goals, your needs, and we tailor our services accordingly to help you achieve it. Our team supports clients on milestone events which shape the long-term future of their business and their families. We make sure that our lawyers have undergone training and have experiences in succession planning, where a failure to plan can be disastrous for some companies. We work with clients to develop a strategy early and review plans regularly.

Key Contacts

James Stokes

Managing Director

Scott Eustace

Director - Dispute Resolution + Insolvency

Matthew Morgan


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