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Disciplinary Action for Employee Social Media Use

The purpose of this article is to consider the issue of employee use of social media and what rights an employer may have if they...
Assistant and handicapped young woman in wheelchair waiting for elevator, she pressing button by herself and smiling

Special Disability Trusts

Providing long term for a disabled person also involves considering social security implications. A Special Disability Trust can enable a considerable financial provision to be...

Responsibilities of an Executor

When it comes to being an executor there are things you should be aware of… …are there debts owing on the estate? …does the estate...

Should my will include a Testamentary Trust?

Besides simply having a ‘valid will’ there are many aspects of estate planning that the well-advised may want to be aware of… A Trust can...
Concept of solution and domino effect.Slightly de-focused and close-up shot. Selective focus.

10 Estate Planning Errors – That will cost your estate $$$$$

Estate planning is more than just wills… Many people are unaware that there are other documents and issues that may affect the end-of-life circumstances or...
Mortgage loan agreement application with  key on house shaped keyring

Gift and Loan Back

Placing significant property in its own separate entity (like a company or trust) is a common and effective way to protect assets and manage risk. ...